TuneTag Highlights

Intuitive meta data editing for Audio files.

Lightweight and Fast

TuneTag is a native macOS app built in Swift, and is super quick to open. Drag any audio files or folders into TuneTag, and get editing faster.

Maximum compatibility

Changes to ID3 and meta data is processed immediately and is supported by all modern operating systems and audio devices.

Magical time saving features

Quickly increment track numbers, and create naming templates for renaming multiple files. Copy audio files by dragging out to the Finder.

TuneTag Screenshots

Beautiful modern interface.

Minimal Interface - Intuitive and modern Interface.

Minimal interface

Intuitive and modern Interface.

Batch file renaming - Quickly rename multiple files.

Batch file renaming

Quickly rename multiple files.

Drag aware - Drag and drop for faster editing.

Drag aware

Drag and drop for faster editing.

TuneTag Questions

A quick introduction to TuneTag

What is ID3 and meta data?

Whenever you open a music file in an audio player, you expect to see details about the song you are playing, right? Meta data is the standard which enables this. Details of the audio file are stored within the file, so that the device you play the song on can get that information quickly. Information such as the Title, Album name, the Artist, Album art and track numbers are all stored in the meta data. ID3 is the de facto standard of meta data container most commonly used in mp3 files.

Why use TuneTag instead of the Music.app?

Because TuneTag has been designed to do one thing, and one thing only - edit audiofile meta data. While the Music app is great, there are some things which TuneTag just does better. For example in TuneTag you can very easily renumber any number of songs incrementally. It is also equally simple to create a naming template and batch rename files. TuneTag is also super lightweight and fast to load.

TuneTag is super intuitive and Easy to use.

TuneTag is fully drag and drop aware. drag files and folders into the main window and TuneTag will quickly show any supported audio files, ready for editing. Likewise you can drag to reorder files for batch file renaming or incrementing Track numbers. Dragging outside of TuneTag will create a copy of the audio file. Drag and Drop is also supported into and out of the handy Album Art panel. Quick Look is fully supported for previewing any songs without having to leave TuneTag.

TuneTag Features

  • Batch file renaming
  • Incremental track numbering
  • Quick Look for previewing
  • Strip unsupported meta data
  • Export Album Art

What does TuneTag support?

  • macOS 10.11 or better (Sonoma recommended)
  • Apple Silicon, Intel
  • mp3 and m4a audio files
  • Localized in English and French


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